Glimpse of History

It started in early seventies when the REPELITA II (The 2nd Five-Year Plan) was announced by the government of Indonesia. The national development had been given stimulus in every sector. And this had become the challenge for all of us.

Being motivated by our strong desire to participate in the overall development, we, as young engineers who had worked hard gaining special education and training, were than very keen to prove our ability.

With the idea of being independent professionally, we rolled up our sleeves and started to face the challenge. We grabbed every opportunities stipulated in every stage of REPELITA.

Armed with knowledge that we have gained and our 8 years experience in the business, we Ir. Andi Kristiadi, Ir. Henry Wangsanegara, Ir. Drs. Siman Slamet, Ir. Arianto Mulja and some other friends then legally founded PT. KARYA INTERTEK KENCANA (KIK) in the begining of 1979.

Having a good start supported by professionalism and expirience, the trust follows. Slowiy but sure we are determined to archive good reputation through quality services in the business of air-condition installation as well as mechanical and electrical infra-structures.