Beginning in the 70s, namely when Repelita II began, Indonesia’s development in various sectors was increasingly encouraged by the government. This fact is a challenge for all people and also for us. Driven by the desire to participate in the pace of this development, the four of us as young engineers worked hard to gain knowledge and implement our skill in real work based on the aspiration to be professionally independent, we began to roll up our sleeves to face the future, filling in development opportunities as stipulated in the next repelita Armed with the knowledge we have and about 8 years of experience, we, namely: Ir. Andi Kristiadi, Ir. Henry Wangsanegara, Ir. Drs. Siman Slamet and Ir. Arianto Mulja along with several other partners, then founded PT. Karya Intertek Kencana (KIK) in 1979. Departing from a good start and professionalism and experience, and also supported by the mastery of science and technology, faith began to arrive. Slowly but surely we continue to grow to maintain quality and reputation in the field of air-conditioning, mechanical and electrical installation services.